Do you think age will not be the gap in marriage?

December 21, 2007 9:25pm CST
I broke up with my bf a year age ,so i am single now ,but my close friend introduce a man who wants to marry me last evening ,i can see that she wants me to get in another love to forget my former bf ,but i really don't like the man . you know ,he is 12 years older than me ,even though he is rich enough. and he loves me (my friend said),my best friend also told me that the man older knows how to love dearly and knows how to take good care of me .The older ,the better. oh, my,really ,i don't think so ,i think the age gap will cause problems,i can not stand the bad communication between my lover and me .so ,i,i ,i really can not accept the guy. hey ,my friends here ,what do you think of it ?can you accept a man who is so older than you?
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@sacmom (14314)
• United States
15 Sep 09
Yes, I can...and did. My husband is 8 1/2 years older than I am and we've been together for the past 17 years now (married 14 of those years), Our marriage may not be perfect, but whose marriage is? With marriage comes compromise, no matter what age difference the couple may have, if any. So long as the love is there an age gap shouldn't matter. Happy mylotting!
@eyewitness (1577)
• Netherlands
22 Dec 07
Between my parents the age gap is 9 years.Ofcourse there are things which are not so nice because of the age difference,but they love eachother and are married over 30 years already. For myself i don't want a guy who is way older than me.But it's love that should do the job.So if you don't like that guy than others should respect that.I can imagine you don't want the age gap.So follow your heart girl.
• India
22 Dec 07
12 years is not that big a gap; but, it depends on the couple. There are no hard and fast rules here. Many people are happily married inspite of the generation gap between them. In some cases, an older man can be gentle, loving, and caring. In some cases, he can be jealous and egoistical. The quieter tastes of a person belonging to an older generation might not match yours. But, here, you have expressly stated that you don't like the man, and are averse to marrying a guy that older than yourself. I think it is better not to rush into such a match. Give yourself a lot of time. There are plenty of younger guys around. :) Wish you luck!
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
22 Dec 07
For me age gap is fine if we know and can get along with someone..if we know that someone in and out..and accept him the way he is,Age does not matter.For your problem,if you dont like..just follow your heart..dont married that guy.Sometimes,people may dislike older partner than them.Its right that older man know how to care for young.But,if you dislike..just dont continue your relationship with him.Let just him be your friend.=) There's a lot guys out there,you may have the chance to get another guy.heheh Dont rush to get married..hehe ;)
@Dasidasi (35)
• China
22 Dec 07
Well, I don't think age gap will be the problem if there is real love in your relationship. But if love is weak in your relationship, then age gap will be a problem. Love is something belong to the inner self which they call soul. So when you speak soul mate, I don't think you will use the word age. But in mundane world, usually, people will consider bodily conditions when marriage is concerned. So, it depends on you too.
@leo1985 (164)
• China
22 Dec 07
I think ages of the two lovers are important.somebody older than you too much can bring so much problems and most of all,you haven't go through the hardship together,and nobody deserve the ture love if he/she have not strive with his lover together.
@karilyn (40)
• Philippines
22 Dec 07
in my part am always into a relationship wherein the guy is always older than me for 7-11 yrs. I preferred older guy than me coz as what I have observed they're goin to really understands you..and what I like most in it is that sometimes they treat you like a " Big Baby" So if I was on your situation you can't force your feelings to get to like the person wherein you don't admired to. It doesn't mean to say if he's old or not. Don't jump directly to another relationship just to heal the pain what the past one did to you....heal the pain first before taking into another action. But it's better also if you're goin to try older man
@dodyast3 (1518)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 07
Well, I should agree with dreamy. The problem is not about age difference. It's about the guy you just met. If you want to forget someone is not by marrying a new guy you just met. What you need is time. You need time to forget someone. When the time goes by, you will forget your former bf for sure. About the age difference, I don't think it will give any problem to your relationship with the guy. You just need to make friend with him first and get to know him better. Then you can decide whether you can go along with him.
@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
22 Dec 07
You just met this guy yesterday and he wants to marry you? That's crazy. Get to know someone first before you make such a big decision. Age ain't nothing but a number as some people say. My parents had a 17 year age difference and as far as I could tell they had problems but their age difference wasn't one of them. People mature at different rates. Some 40 year old aren't as mature as some 20 year olds it just depends on the person.