why are the wealthy people so stingy?

@mari123 (1862)
December 22, 2007 2:09am CST
I have seen many wealthy peole who are so stingy.They bargain even for one euro although I know how much money they have. There were times when I had little money and I was obliged to be careful with spending it. There were times when I had to save money in order to reach a target. However in times when I had money I spent it according to my needs very easily. Even when I did not have enough I did not care for spending a small amount of money. I haveseen many rich people who get panic when they are obliged to spend money.They never give to people ,they behave as if they did not have a euro. I really can not understand this behaviour.The more money I have the more I spend. What is the use of having thousands of dollars and be so stingy?I will never understand this attitude.
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@zichen3 (134)
• China
22 Dec 07
I think they want to protect what he have. They are always afraid that someone will make away with his money. They are afraid that if he have no money that what he is. You know, if somebody is rich, maybe he do not trust anybody. Don't care more about this, this is normal phenomenon. I'm used to this kind of person.
• Canada
22 Dec 07
I guess they don't want to blow all their money. they want to be rich forever.