how to solve the difference ideas between you and your mother?

December 22, 2007 5:38am CST
I am from China, in my country it is common to get married early for the girls, especially for the ladies from the countryside,I am 24, but my mama is nagging at me everyday to push me into a date, for sure you can make the compromise at a lot of things, but not this kind of things, so how can you persuade your mama to "leave you alone"?
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@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
28 Dec 08
I am so sorry to hear that in this day an age a mother would want to force a child into something like that when there are so many examples of failed relationships and marriages .If anything she should be happy that you are taking a responsible approach to relationships. With regard to answering your question think you need to sit her down and show her the statistics regarding failed marriages and dysfunctional relationships. Maybe you need to read excerpts from women who have been battered ,let her see movies and provide examples from your own community of girls whose lives have been destroyed by early pregnancies and marriages. After showing her the disadvantages of getting into relationships without careful planning then you need to show her examples of women who are successful now because they carefully planned their lives and relationships. You need to provide evidence of women such as single and successful as well as those who are married and successful but who weren’t quick to rush into relationships. Women such as Oprah provide ready inspiration. You need to provide examples of women within china as well as the rest of the world. Finally you need to sit her down and tell her your dreams and aspirations and how these may be shattered by entering into a relationships too soon or if you don’t have a good plan.
• Philippines
27 Jan 08
its not easy to do that,, coz she's your mother.. but then you still have the right to decide for your own. but as what you've said its common to your country.. my advise?? just wait be patient... there's always a rigt time for everything,,if she (your mom) can't understand you maybe in time she will.. -samantha, philippines