what is diffrence between a programmer, a hacker and normal computer user?

December 22, 2007 10:50am CST
we listen and read such word of computer science. Do you explain the meanings of these terms
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• Mexico
23 Dec 07
only 1 word can answer this question: KNOWLADGES, why? because this 3 diferent persons have diferent knowladges betwen things, the levels where are them is: -user | -programmer | -hacker v in this order are the knowladges because anyone need to know anything about computers to be an user. in the second place, a programmer is a person who use their knowladges to improbe the surfing in the net, the calculations, and the programas that the user use. andthe hacker common use their knowladge to get information for their personal purposes only, but actualy a hacker its the most inteligent person in the computers subject, becausetheir knowladges have a rank from the deeper hardware questions to the most superficial software problems.
@lucgeta (925)
• France
22 Dec 07
Programmer: someone that writes the code of software and applications and web pages too Hacker: very skilled person - usually a programmer - that can access restricted places like closed networks protected by passwords User: sits in front of the computer and to write memos, make calculations, surf the net, instant message, calls