fly away home was a good one

December 22, 2007 4:24pm CST
basically, it really describes how ducks act. though in the movies, they were geese. my yaya brought home a duck, it was alone, and a small one. since it was alone, it believed that i was the mother. i was 9 then. when i walk it would follow me and sleep with me. and it will sleep beside you because it will quack all night until you place it beside you. in the mornings, she will just follow anyone around the house when i am in school. a trick i would do to at daytime. to get it to sleep would place my palm over the eyes, and it would sleep but wake up when you take out your hands. anyway the duckling died after 2 weeks, i cried. my yaya bought 3 more ducklings. but they would cling together and not get near us people.
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