Does anyone have boys? and are their ears pierced?

United States
December 22, 2007 7:48pm CST
I have a little boy hes 6 and one of his class mates (a boy) just got his ears pierced. Today my son goes thru my jewelry box looking for BOYS earrings. Needless to say we didn't find any cause mommy has dangly earrings and he thinks he would look funny. My son does not yet have his ears pierced but apparently thinks his little friend looks cool with his ears pierced. My son says mom it feels like a bee stings you so since it don't hurt can i get my ears pierced? I started to giggle at him and said if you want your ears pierced i'll take you to the mall so you can have it done ok? he says mom can't i just push this thru my ear it won't hurt will it? I said its gonna hurt worse pushing that earring thru then going and having it professionally done. He said ok i can wait. Now i never really expected him to want his ears pierced, when he was born i was going to have it done cause that was a craze and i thought he would look cute but i didn't do it because they are his ears and i want him to have the option in anything that happens to his body. Its totally up to him if he wants his ears pierced its not up to me. I just thought it was so cute when he approached me with it. Anyone else have a boy with their ears pierced and did they decide on it or did you (the parent) make the decision for them?