advanced study or go to work!!

December 23, 2007 3:31am CST
Nowdays undergraduate students are puzzled by a chioce:advanced study or go to work? Facing with the pressure of find a good job, some ones will get master or doctor degree,hoping to get a expected job in the future.Whereas the other ones are different.They think the work experience are more important than the degree.
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30 Jun 08
Students really have to evaluate why they are going to graduate school. Some jobs require an advanced degree (medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, veterinary, audiologist, lawyer, college professor, psychologist, minister, etc.). You cannot begin working until you have the requisite degree. The other reason to attend graduate school is if you truly love a subject. If history is the light of your life and you want to study it exclusively for 5-7 years, then go to graduate school. Some professional degrees require that you have experience (MBA, MSW, CRNA, etc.). The decision of when to go to graduate school depends on your chosen profession.
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• Uganda
23 Dec 07
You need to tow the fine line-you surely need the job, you cant be a student in perpetuation. I know of friends who stayed on to do masters immediately after their first degrees while some of us delved straight into the world work-now they have the masters but cant find jobs outside teaching because every where they try they are being told they dont have experience-but from personal experience, i feel, studying while working is a better thing to do!