Do you want to grow up?

December 23, 2007 7:11am CST
when we were young,we always dreamed without limit; when we were young,we had nothing to worry about; when we were young,we had no burdens,such as the life?the love?the relationships between we and others and so on; when we were young,there are many profits everywhere??? no matter how you don't like to,we have to grow up??? and we are filled of worries now! i know i don't want to,and i know it's maybe a kind of escape???
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• China
23 Dec 07
You seem to be a bit nostalgia. But this topic is somehow philosophical. I bet you are now a grown-up. We may possibly dream of the rejuvenescence due to the working pressure and the presures from other sources. I don't know if you are Chinese or not. If you are Chinese, you would well remember when you were little, you were dreaming of growing up so that parents will not physically punish you, nor you can spend your pocket money at will, nor watch TV without interfering. How we want to come back, back to childhood. Isn't it odd? What makes us think so? We tend to find shelter for our own's good. We want to get rid of the present perplexities and uncertainties. But there is no shelter in the world. This is no world of the escapists.
@blueunicorn (2409)
• United States
23 Dec 07
Unfortunately I have already grown up. One thing I wish I could change is that when I was younger I didn't force the issue of growing up so much. My advice to any young person is to enjoy the stage you are in! There is plenty of time to grow up later.