Have they gone emo?

December 23, 2007 7:30am CST
I have liked Good Charlotte for a few years now but I have to say I preferred their older stuff. Their new sound has lost all the energy and meaning. Have they gone emo, as they say? :P
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@shwanks (145)
• United States
12 Oct 08
well i wouldnt say "emo". if they ever went "emo" i would FREAK! i think "emo" is so annoying!! but they totally have gotten darker. Chronicles was the darkest. their first cd was definitely the BEST. its the one i listen to most! i cant say that i hate Good Morning Revival...there are some good songs on it. the only cd they have that has songs i wont even listen to cuz---i hate to say it---they suck! is Chronicles. i saw them in concerts after that cd was released... i was pissed they didnt do Motivation Proclamation (has to be the best GC song ever) i also dislike Boys and Girls---but at least i can stand listening to is every now and then (and i love the video for it!)---unlike the totally drab Mountain on Chronicles! it almost puts me to sleep.
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
16 Jul 08
Well, I have liked them since May 2000, I first heard of them about 6 months before their first album was released. So I've loved them since long before they got famous. I think I do like their older music best, but I still found that I like their new album as well. Then again, I like a lot of emo music myself. LOL There is still meaning there I think, it's just the songs are a bit different now, and it makes sense, I mean, if I compared their newest album to their first one, 8 years ago it's WAY different. But I think it's because they have grown, I was 17, and the twins were 21 when that album came out! LOL Hard to believe huh? I actually met them quite a few times. The first time was when I was 17. Anyway, what I'm getting at is, they have been through a lot, between struggling to be taking seriously in a very vicious industry then rising to fame pretty quickly, then the very public relationships and breakups, I can see how one would go emo. LOL Really what I think it is, is this.. they kinda put different influences in their new album.. they have their roots, pop-punk type style, then they put some kind electronic/dance in there, then some gothic influence.. and I really think that combined with the songs about broken hearts and love is what makes it sound emo. Because emo from what I take it to be is basically pop-punk with a little dance and goth influences mixed in it. I'm definitely not arguing with you, it is drastically different, but I'm just telling you how I have interpreted it all. LOL
• United States
31 Mar 08
I would say no but Im not much of a fan of them anymore they change their sound with every cd