Web Site, what do you think?

Croatia (Hrvatska)
December 23, 2007 4:04pm CST
I have find in some post on myLot free web host 110mb, and it is realy good free web host, soo i used it for creating my site, it is in build, but i want to hear your suggestions about that web site :D Is it good? What i need to make for better site? Here is the link: http://xgamers.110mb.com/
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• Mexico
23 Dec 07
i put the post, and its realy exciting see some one that make a site with my ugestion, and yes is a realy good site, good animation u added in the top, and whit the bandwidth u dont have any problems with that, :P, congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry xmas and happy NEW YEAR!!
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
24 Dec 07
Thanks I will try to make my site more better :D
• India
15 Jul 11
Yes i say my suggestion. My opinion about the Free hosting is it's best for small site.But for big and game,professional,business sites you can better go for paid website hosting...that is suitable for you...You can make your own Domain name,in free Domain name it consists the sub-domain name also little features only available in hosting.In paid hosting you can get many benefits and features,no sub-domain name,so it looks professional,so i suggest the paid one for Good Complete website.You can register the Domain name,Host your site and design finally make it ..You can get those services from here http://www.thewebpole.com/
@dhamrait (71)
• India
24 Dec 07
Hi, That's a nice site yu're making but you need to improve the english text on it. Which template have you used for making the site? Add me and I will guide you to make it better.