Does anyone here on mylot use - to leave messages free online for your friends and family. the free internet answermachine.
Craig, Alaska
December 23, 2007 7:38pm CST
I love that site. check out my mylot page and you'll see my snapvine answer machine. Its free voicemail offered on the internet. you can leave messages for you friends and family. you can even create a voice blog. you have 3 ways to leave messages. one is type your comments on the page. two is call the phone number linked to their page and leave a message using your phone. and three you can use your pc mic to leave a message on their machine. I'm trying to get my friends to sign up that live in other towns. I got my long distance exspouse that I still care about and confussed about our relationship. he signed up with snapvine as my friend but hasn't left messages or anything. Any ways check out the site is awesome. don't forget its free!
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