I'm Keep Virgin

December 23, 2007 10:54pm CST
When I was seventeen, I had a party at my house when both my parents and my current girlfriend were out of town. I ended up getting really drunk at the party adn slept with one of the girls at the party. however, because I was so intoxicated I browned/Blackedour and barely remember the actual ML act. The morning after, I woke up and found the girl in my bed adn pieced together what had happened with her help. She was eighteen at the time. Was I technically raped since I didn't offer consent, Was not in a right state of mind, and did not want to cheat on my girlfriend? I'm not asking if I could take her to court over it or anything because I knoe I'd lose. Now I'm 19 and involved in relationship where we are finally ready ML. The thing is she is a virgin and I told her I was too. Was thing wrong of me or was it alright to keep this from her???
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@asgtswife04 (2482)
• United States
24 Dec 07
Well, really it was wrong of you to have had a party with your parents and your girlfriend being gone. That automatically puts you in the wrong and in wrong situations, especially with girls at the party. No, you really can't say that you were raped just because you were to intoxicated to remember anything though. Been there, done that. It's not rape...it's called drinking to much and loosing sight of what is really important to you at the time. It is wrong of you to not have told this girl what you did and telling her that your still a virgin as well. Your not a virgin and i believe that you should be honest with her before taking that very special thing away from her. Virginity to a woman is very sacred and it will only hurt her worse if she finds out after you have acted on your desires than if she were to find out before she lost her virginity to someone who she really cares about. Don't lie to her about it anymore. Be honest before you take that part of her away from her. God bless!
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@urbandekay (18312)
25 Dec 07
To decide if this is rape, consider the account you have given with the sexes reversed. A seventeen year old girl gives a party whilst her parents and bf are absent. She gets drunk and sleeps with an 18 year old boy. If you consider this rape then you were raped, if you don't think this is rape then you weren't. When deciding how you feel about the scenario consider this; if someone gets drunk and say crashes a car, we hold them culpable. all the best urban
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24 Dec 07
I dont think your can actually consider this rape. You couldnt really even remember what had happenned. So how do you know if you gave consent or not? You probably should have went ahead and told her the truth. She might have understood.
24 Dec 07
Maybe everyone will make some mistakes in his life,especially when they are young,the best thing you should is that face it