Should I be friends with them or not?

December 24, 2007 2:10am CST
So this post is a bit lengthy, but I hope you will read it and give me some feedback. So I have one friend, perhaps my closest, who also happens to be my neighbor. Then there is this other friend who came from NY and is staying here for the month. Last Thursday I was hanging out with them and I asked this girl who was having a party if we could come, but she made up some reasonable excuse. My friends tried getting in even though I told them it's not cool because I know them and it's going to make me look bad. On Friday night we all went on a walk and NY guy comes up with the idea of making out with my sisters' friends (we are 19, they are 16. Her friends were staying over our house). I told him that it's petaphilic and that he has mental problems. At this point, I thought he was kidding. However, when we got close to my house they both tried to go through the gate that leads to the backhouse, which was where my sister and her friends were staying.
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24 Dec 07
I know the laws, but the differnce between a 19 yr old boy and a 16 yr old girl aren't isn't that huge. Remember that boys mature slower than girls. Now on the other hand, he should not have tried to do it after you told him not to. Considering that it was your sis and her friends. You probably felt like you had to protect them being the older sibling. That is very understandable.
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24 Dec 07
Well, I think these issues could still b talked over-you couldnt possibly lose friendship at a first misunderstanding-try to go into the roots of the misunderstanding and check out why your friends behaved the way they did.