The Purse Of The Gods?

@SEOGUY (906)
United States
December 24, 2007 9:58am CST
I have talked in legnth about the orgin of both religion and man starting in Mesopotamia, Sumer to the point. Let me bring your attention now to simularities between Sumarian, egyptian and the Americas. Oviously there are the pyromids, But I want you all to look at something very close. I call it the Purse of the "Gods". I came across this site wich proves my point fully. When you find things to much alike to be coinsedental, It is no coinsedence. See Quetzal Coatl side by side with an Asyrian winged Diety. If that were not enough see them side by side at the tree of life. Noway it's coinsedence. All cultures started in Mesopotamia, Sumeria to the point and spread from there. heres the site I welcome your rebuttals if you can find one.
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