Ever cooked INSECTS recipes? (and other 'unusual' invertebrates)

@opinione (749)
December 24, 2007 7:41pm CST
On X-mas in our country it is tradition to eat seafood, of many shapes and -uhrg!- origins, and every X-mas I'm wondering about the various world of arthropodes and invertebrates in general and of its relationships with kitchen. I don't like eating 'animals', as you can see, and in particular I feel a sense of discomfort when the precedent owner of my food is integrally exposed in my dish or worse is still -how could I say?- alive, even if he/she is desperately swimming in some tasty lemon juice or other sauces. What about your country? In what kind of recipe you like your animals? And what about eating plants? I feel authorized to eat milk (it is a sort of sweat, after all) and seeds (which are dispersed in quantity and are in a sense not exactly living, in my opinion).
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