do you know Network question about cisco

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December 25, 2007 1:30am CST
the network administrator is suing a pc to access a router via the router port both the pc and the router are powered on and a cable has been connected between them. however ,a session cannot be established .which steps might fix this problem? a. verify the cable is properly connected at each end b, reseat the network card in the pc c, verify the cable is the correct type. d verify that a password has been set on the console line e check the transceiver for link lights f reseat the console card on the router you can write your answer,if you think a--f are all wrong . thanks/
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20 Jan 08
i doubt if u still need this answer lol... i think the answer is option e... i just deducted those answers which doesnt make sense... maybe the port is dedz or something... you taking up ccna?