great Christmas gift for my mother.

December 25, 2007 5:57am CST
now this is a whole story.A year and a half ago my sister bought a puppy.It's a westie and it's a great dog.My mom always wanted a dog too because she knows when we wll leave the house she will be alone.My father will retire in about two year but the problem is he's always helping others and my mom is afraid she will be home alone for the most of the time. A couple of months ago she wanted a mini malteser and we found one,but my dad was against it.So it was a bit of a fight about the dog.But like a couple of days ago a woman my mom knows wanted to sell her dog and asked people if they wanted another dog.And so she asked my mom.My mom said to my father i'm gonna do it wether you like it or not and so she did.Just three days before Chrismas we have a mini malteser called Roxy and she's so cute.She's adorable and so cuddly. So it's a great christmas and my mom has her dog.I'm so glad.
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