Were you happier this Christmas or the past Christmases?

Christmas - Christmas feeling
December 25, 2007 9:19am CST
I don't know if its just my imagination but I don't think I'm as happy this Christmas as i was years ago. I don't know the reason why but that's just how I feel. How about you?
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• India
25 Dec 07
I don't think it is your imagination. Let me offer a reason for this. It was easier to enjoy a festival when you were a kid and had no responsibilities. Let us face it. Xmas can be stressful for grown-ups, especially for women. We have a lot of responsibilities, such as cleaning, purchasing, baking, cooking, wrapping gifts, decorating, managing all the people who have come home for Xmas, managing some of the family fueds that come up specifically at Xmas, and so on and so forth. You can't expect yourself to be as bubbly and cheerful as you were when you were a child or a teenager. Do I make sense?