Here is a question.Solve this if you can..

@men82in (1270)
December 26, 2007 9:47am CST
Here is a question. Solve the below if you can. I am a 10 letter city. My 4,5,6 letters is a educational degree My 10,6,9 is a part in the face My 1,2,4,5 is used in hair My 5,6,7 is used in cricket. Try this and let me know your answers
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@diillu (5128)
27 Dec 07
I must say that I really had to work hard for this one. 4,5,6 Educational degree- MBA 10,6,9 part of face- EAR 1,2,4,5 used in the hair- COMB 5,6,7 used in cricket- BAT And the answer would be COIMBATORE. It is the city in India. And I must say that it is a nice one indeed.
• United States
27 Dec 07
I probably could have solved it if I had ever been to India...
• United States
26 Dec 07
Do all these numbers refer to a correponding letter number in the name of the city? This isn't explained terribly well... By 4,5,6 do you mean that these three letters in succession will be something like PhD or MBA? That seems unlikely since 3 and 8 don't make an appearance in the clue. If I'm thinking of this along the right lines, here's what I've got so far: CO_MBAT_RE. Is that close?