What grind your Gears?

December 26, 2007 12:57pm CST
i hate people who smoke, i hate people who driving under the effects of alcohol, i hate people who throw cigarettes on the ground and many other things. And now What grind your Gears?
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• United States
26 Dec 07
Smokers, litter bugs, and con artist. They grind my gears. I also hate it when stores raise the prices for merchandise.
• Italy
27 Dec 07
I'm agree about smokers, litter bugs and stores who raise the price for merchandise but i can't understand because you hate artist.
• United States
28 Dec 07
People who drink and drives makes me so mad. I knew someone that was constantly doing it and i threatned to turn them in. It makes me mad when people are inconsiderate of other people. They shouldnt be willing to put themselves and others at risk.