@1hamm3r (180)
December 26, 2007 3:31pm CST
Yes! Worldscape. Worldscape is a game just like RuneScape, but you lvl 10 times faster. Ut´s a really cool game. Just try it out now! If you like RuneScape i think you would like this game too. Visit: And you don´t have to register. Just log in with any username and password and then your user will be registered. (NOTE: This is no scam or password cracker. If you want to be sure that it isn´t DON´T log in with your real username and password that you have in RuneScape.) One more thing. The game can sometimes lag pretty much. So when you try to log in it may come a message like this: "Error Connection". If this happends, just try to log in. It may take time, but have patience. (This may be some useful codes. ::runes ::food ::ranger) ::runes This code will give you 1000m of each rune ::ranger Gives you full black d hide, ranger boots and hat and crystal bow. ::food Gives u 4 easter eggs everytmime u type it in. Easter eggs is food.
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@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
17 May 08
you are realy asking to someone bann you from mylot and maybe from the world you scammer!
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18 May 08
how do i get 2 play worldscape, i have an acount?
• New Zealand
27 Dec 07
I've never heard of it... do you log in with your Runescape username and password?
• Kuwait
27 Jul 08
ummm... i love this game the problem is i cant go on it so can u please help me even email me please please and thank you
14 May 08
So...What is the website...?
@money4rs (55)
• Malta
21 Mar 08
ya why have the chance of getting a virus / keylogger on ur pc when u still like runescape?
@Ninjarr (45)
• Australia
30 Dec 07
Laggy games are no fun :[
@lilqru (15)
• United States
27 Dec 07
Sounds stupid...