Do you watch the hidden endings on the first time?

December 26, 2007 9:22pm CST
All 3 PoC have hidden endings, and they are all quite funny. Do you find the hidden endings on the first time you watch the movie? Or you were tiped by someone else and watch it again?
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@Dadexter (438)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 07
Hidden Endings!!!!!!!!!!!!!...well that's something strange and new to me!!!! what kind of hidden endings are you talking about!!!!......plz tell me!!!!
• Australia
13 Dec 09
Hidden endings are behind the if you have the DVD just fast forward the credits. Ending 1:Jack the Monkey goes back to the chest of cursed treasure and takes one of the coins,so he's now immortal because the chest washed away right afterwards! Ending 2:Remember the tribe of cannibals that worshiped Jack as a God and were going to eat him? Well at the end they were worshiping the dog who carries the key in it's mouth...You can guess what happens next,since the clip is only about 3 minutes long! Ending 3:After ten years as captain of The Flying Dutchman,Will returns to Elizabeth and their son...What I don't get is, is he free or does he still have to return to The Dutchman?
@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
8 Jan 08
I generally am patient enough to see the end credits when at home but at the cinema it is complicated as often the credits have barely started and everyone stands up to leave, thus either blocking my view or forcing me to move out of the way and thus loosing those great snippets. The only one I missed was POTC At worlds end the first time round as the person I was with was in a hurry, only saw it later.