If You Could Have Anything In The World-

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United States
December 26, 2007 11:59pm CST
If you could have anything in the world- What would it be? Sene we all have desires and wants, I am sure that you atleast want one thing. No matter how small, or how big.
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• China
27 Dec 07
If I can get anything in the world , I think I'll kill myself within a short time. For that I'll have no hope,no wants,no desires....I can accept that fact. So, I think if you can do that , the god perhaps swap his hand to you!
@cici6880 (656)
• China
27 Dec 07
I think I desire many things and I believe I will get them someday but now I want my parents be healthy and happy because for these days they have some problem about their work.
@zeynab (26)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 07
I want success in life nd then from that success i want to have a really gorgious apartment in central london, with awhh like car of minez and an awesome life with friends with shud just totally rock! thtz all
• Philippines
27 Dec 07
I wish I could afford a European trip for my whole family. As of now, that's really the one thing that I would like. Bottom line is, I want to make my family, especially my parents, really happy. I know there are thousands means of showing them how grateful I am for having such caring parents.