the most dangerous creature in the planet

December 27, 2007 2:32am CST
There are so many creature in our planet. They are so beautiful but some of them are dangerous too. I think spiders, snakes, crocodiles and so on are creatures that are dangerous for us. Which one is the most dangerous in your opinion? Have you ever run up against any of them?
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@youless (93743)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Dec 07
Actually there are quite a lot of dangerous creatures in the world. I think the mice could be the most dangerous in my opinion. As they are so dirty and they are also very common everywhere. They have lots of virus on their bodies. I am just so scared of them.
27 Dec 07
I agree with Cupid that Man is the most dangerous creature on the planet as they are the only ones who will kill indiscriminately - most other animals kill in defence or for food although there are a few who will kill for sport. Fortunately in Britain all the dangerous animals are well caged in the zoo - and that is as close as I intend to get to them lol. Statistically, the most dangerous creature on the planet is the mosquito due to infecting people with malaria. Many other dangerous animals and insects would probably kill less people if we respected their habitat more.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 07
Hi Rainbow if u really look into the fact that if u talk about Living creature on earth then i think Human Being is dangerous creature on earth, they are not only killing other animals but also destrying fellow human as well as earth. making dangerous weapons which can destroy whole earth but if u talk about Animals which are dangerous, then i think wolves are most dangerous as they can kill others even they are not hungry Take care