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United States
December 27, 2007 4:10pm CST
While you are/were pregnant has the baby ever moved to one side of your stomach? The past couple days my baby has been doing this. He has been moving over to the left side and my right side of my stomach almost looks flat! Has this ever happenned to anyone else? I thought in the 9th month the baby didnt have that much room to move...
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@mollyrose (415)
• United States
30 Dec 07
Well I am 9 months pregnant and due to give birth any day now and my son loves to move from side to side and kick me in the ribs. If I lay on my left side he moves to the left if i lay on my right he moves to the right and I end up waking up in the middle of the night with hip pains. I am anxious for him to be born.
• United States
31 Dec 07
Thanks for your comment tess! I think it helped talking to the baby. It kind of hurt when he was doing it. So I did as you suggested. I talked to him and rubbed my belly and he seemed to settle down. How many do you have? Thanks for your comment amoreco. The baby does kick me in the side a lot. Especially when im sleeping. Im also almost to the end of my pregnancy. And he moves frequently. My due date is January 8. Thanks for your comment mollyrose. My baby also does the same thing. What ever side I lay on when I sleep he kicks on. Sometimes it seems like he waits until I get ready to go to sleep to start kicking. When is your due date? I am also very anxious to have my baby.
@amoreco (180)
• United States
28 Dec 07
Your baby is probably kikking you in one side..My belly had weid shapes when the baby was moving,and he moved till the end of pregancy.Good luck to you and you baby!
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@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
27 Dec 07
Your baby is probably getting ready to move into the birth canal. One of my babies used to move a lot and hit me in my ribs a lot. One even seemed to try to crawl upward all of the time. Each experience is different. Talk to your baby and gently cradle your stomach and the baby and guide baby to the other side or middle of your stomach. Try this, sometimes it really works. If the doctor says everything is ok, don't worry!
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@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
26 Jan 08
yes, sometimes, my baby really love to go on the other side of my stomach and its so yah, same here she's moving mostly on the left side..and i found it so fun..hahaha i'm happy that she's really alive because she's moving, she's like that when she was between i think 6-9months..
@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
1 Jan 08
I remember my youngest baby felt like he would lay across me really low so from my chest clear down to my belly button would be practically flat and then I'd have this weird watermelon shape between my hips. The other things my babies have done is to totally move over to whichever side I was laying on so the opposite side would look flat. I don't remember it ever happening any other time though.