Rate my blog and make suggestions

December 28, 2007 5:58am CST
I want all the mylot users to please reveiw my blog. http://no4privetdrive.blogspot.com thanx :)
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• New Zealand
29 Dec 07
You have nice short content posts, with clear photo's which makes quick interesting reading. You should add a photo to your header which I think will add more attraction. Maybe include relevant links to in a side bar that relates to your main content, and perhaps change to a 3 column. This is what I did to my blog - computer tech links, which is listed in my mylot profile...
• India
29 Dec 07
To change to a 3 column,I will have to change my entire template,which is hard work. But I really appreciate ur suggestions thank you
@thinkerm (29)
• United States
15 Jan 08
Yay! Keep working hard on blogging and it will pay off. It's a serious time investment though. I think you have promising blogging skills. This is what I tell people who are struggling with their blog: you need a niche! A blog about anything is fine if you are doing PayPerPost or something, but even still. It needs a topic. Anything. Your gender, name, location, favorite thing to talk about, etc. You blog needs a solid name and topic at the top. That should help you a lot. It will allow others to find you and actually look at some of your content. It also makes it seem less like you are just trying to make money! Good luck!
@macobex (108)
• Philippines
30 Dec 07
I've already checked your blog. Yeah, it is nice. But, I advice you to make the theme or colors more appealing. that's all. by the way, try to visit my blog too. www.macobex.com TNX
• Philippines
30 Dec 07
i like your blog. simple layout. informative. ^_^
@blanksolid (1632)
• Spain
28 Dec 07
I have seen your blog, It has very interesting contents. I have one blog also but he is about making money online. Have a nice day!