my daughter is sick

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December 28, 2007 8:48am CST
i have a 9 month old daughter and i am a first time mom. she has puked twice the other night and a little big last night and has had runny diapers the past 2 days. I took her temp today cuz she felt hot and it was 98.3. think maybe its cuz of teeth?
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29 Dec 07
I have a granddaughter that is 1 month old and she was doing the same thing the doctor said that it was her sinus's that were draining and that was all it was she did not have a temp. the doctor said to hold her up right when you feed her and to let her sleep with her head higher than her feet and that would help her. she is doing Ok now
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28 Dec 07
Have you taken her to the doctor? If she has runny diapers and throwing up she can get dehidrated. She needs some pedia light to drink. I really dont think it has anything to do with teeth. They wont trow up because of teething. She might have a stomach flu or something along them lines. I would take her to the doctor ASAP.