how to handle a cas like this?.....Please share

December 28, 2007 2:19pm CST
It's a long story. A couple of years ago i went to a youthgroup.I met a guy who was very nice i thought. It went good for a year and a half or something.We had so much fun and we did all sorts of things.We told personal things to eachother.It all went wrong when my grandpa died.He immediately told me he had liked me.And in the meaning of liking someone really.I turned him down because he wasn't my type and i didn't feel the same way about him.Also i am religious he's not and in the youthgroup he always was complaining about all christians and always talking about muslims and stuff.It was very annoying. And normally i wouldn't mind someone talking about those things but he kept repeating it every single time we were together with the group.Also because of the loss of my grandpa i didn't went often anymore to the youthgroup and he started pushing me to go and said things like i was someone who only stayed home and never got out and something must be wrong with me. So i'm a girl and when i want to talk about thing i definately want to talk to girls and not to men.He wouldn't accept that he tried everything to get information about me.Trying to push me.When my grandma died not even 4 months later it got worse in the new year.He kept inviting me for things i didn't want to do with him.And then he started to again with trying to get information which i didn't want to share. I met a friend who's amazing and she was lesbien so he immediately started to think i was lesbien too.Doesn't make any sense right.So i felt not good emotionally and spiritually because i lost already two persons.So he started to think about things and told me what he thought about me that he thought i was cutting myself and i was doing all sort of things and he though that i needed to explain to him why i didn't told him and stuff. Like it's my life.So i never responded anymore because he acted so weird and he came to my home and stayed thw whole day and in the night he turned home so i said i have no time and he thought it was nonsense because i didn't have a job so i tried to ignore him even more and start lying and he got angry because he didn't do anything wrong he was concerned (i think it was more an obsession).bla bla bla. So i was angry at him because he blamed me for everything that happened. And he still does. When i came back to the youthgroup i told them please to tell me if he would be there or not.Well one day he just was there and ofcourse now he's balming me that i came by purpose.Like i hated him. In the end he wanted to talk and said he was sorry for his behaviour we talked through and nothing was wrong.I had him already deleted form my msn account and blocked him.He asked me if he could add me again i told him it was fine but that i'm almost never online because i don't like msn anymore.And 25 of december he send me a hate e-mail that i didn't accepted him and i was being nice to him just to play with him.What kind of nerve so i said he should learn to stop thinking something which isn't true and i was the blame because i could have asked him why he didn't add me.Well Duh how could i i am never online.Cna you believe someone does that.So i said enough is enough it's over done no friendship anymore and it's his problem but i'm so upset and angry about this that i can't forget this. I really think he's doing this because i'm a christan and i also did never support his opinion on christianity.Because he also started to say how fake i am and stuff.It makes me so angry.I chose for christianity and he should respect that. Also i have been through a lot of painfull things like losses of people in the last 4 years.Isn't it selfish of him to get attention in this way? How can someone be so mean and blame you for things they did themselves.Blaming that it was me why the friendship ended.Because i should have let him know all my personal things. Please share how you would handle this?Cause i don´t know what i have done wrong.All my friends know me and know him and they all know i´m telling the truth.I think he manipulated me but he says i´m the one who manipulated others and him.I don´t know what to do cause i´m so upset about this.
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