If you get a lot money,will you go on working

December 28, 2007 9:25pm CST
I wanna get a lot of money to change my life. I have many thing wanna to do. But i have to work for living. Most of my time I cannot use to do what I like. Do you have the same problem?
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• India
29 Dec 07
Even if you have lotsa money I would work because itherwise there would be no fun in life.It would a monotonus bore with you enjoying life but not working hard enough for you to really feel the joy from that enjoyment. Ya I agree without money you cannot reach anywhere because the world has become and the world has come to a point where success is mesasured in terms of money.BUt enjoying the finer aspects of life is great joy in itself. More over the foosd you eat by the money you earned is doubly sweeter
• China
30 Dec 07
More over the food you eat by the money you earned is doubly sweeter. This sentence recall me the first time to make money. It's real nice experience. That time I knew how important to my family!