Red Ring of Death

United States
December 29, 2007 12:33am CST
well my i have had my X-BOX since they came out and i have not had a single problem until just recently. My X-BOX just froze up while i was playing call of duty 4(i just got it for Christmas) and i eventually turned off the console, when i turned it back on the X-BOX 360 logo was spinning and then it just stopped. so i ejected the disk and tried again, this time the screen was completely black and the power button's lights were red. while i am unsure as to why this happened i was hoping the myLot community might help me fix this problem.
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• United States
26 Mar 08
There could be a number of problems. if its 123 you have to send it in because it completely broke. if it 1234 something is not connected completely. Hope this helped
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30 Jan 08
I have heard of the overheating trick as well. I have also heard that works for a while, but then it may break again. My roomate's 360 did the exact same thing yours did while playing Call of Duty 4. We also have another friend with the same exact story. Could this be Call of Duty 4?