by boat or by air

December 29, 2007 4:22am CST
I rather go travelling by airplane which is faster route whwenever i travel because i feel that the longer the trip, the less safe it is aside from the boredom due to the length of the trip
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
29 Dec 07
I like to fly by plane on long journeys because it is fast and sometimes quite cheap. However more and more restrictions about hand luggage have been made lately. Mostly I see white puffy clouds through the plane window but a few times I have seen wonderful views like Sydney harbor, the Pyramids of Egypt and the islands of the Maldives. Traveling by boat I find I can sometimes get a bit seasick. So I like to travel by train most of all. I like to see the passing scenery out of the window during the day time and sleep in a comfortable compartment at night time. If there isn't a train system I will happily choose to travel by bus. Lots of destinations are offered and again I like to enjoy the passing scenery. I wish you happy traveling.
@suehan1 (4355)
• Australia
29 Dec 07
i prefer to travel by plane,but lately they are always delayed and a simple 1 hour flight may take you 5 hour to reach your destination.lately delays are due to fog or storms and usually every time i travel.maybe they know i am flying lol cheers sue
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
29 Dec 07
I prefer to travel by road-i fear air travel and am even more phobic to th sea travel. The last time I travelled to Bucharest, I kept myself in the centre of the plane and would never look out of the window of the plane-I slept all through the journey, preferring to die in my sleep incase of anything disastrous!!LOL