Life- Could it be a Figment of Imagination?

United States
December 29, 2007 11:07am CST
Everyone has had those dreams that seemed to be just so real, that it was like you were actually in actual reality. In actual "life". Another thought provoking question from me to you is- how do we know that we are actually not in one elaborate dream as of now? How come we cannot be in our bed, sleeping peacefully, while doing all of the things we do daily? Do you believe that you are still dreaming, and are just going along for the ride? I would like to know opinions on this topic.
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
29 Dec 07
there are times i feel like that- dreaming in real life. where it seems everything is in a dream. and i hate the feeling of realizing that it was not. at times in a dream, i feel i am in control. i would like to be like that in life. however, there were also dreams that i was simply hanging around like an spectator. but life is not like that. i am not always in control, nor i am only an spectator. i can make my life what it is and what it will be. and that is not an imagination only, it is a fact.