she's fed up!! what should she do?

@mebold (230)
December 29, 2007 2:18pm CST
Hi all, where does she begins. She have been married for 4 years and think her husband is stepping out on her. She is the only one asking the questions as to how he is feeling. she seems always to be trying to be hard. She is just fed up at this time. She have a great job and she is a beautiful woman. She is staring to see that he has a lot of insecurities. everyting lately is why dont youpay for it(he ask her) when they started they would spilt everything 50/50 but no more of that now. She is confused with this situation becos with everything that has been going on it has left her doubting this relationship. why cant men just say what they feel? She have been honest with him. When they got together all she asked for from the beginning was please dont lie to me and if you dnt wnat o be with me just le me know and i will move on but like a man he does not say anything. She has to drag everything out of him. She just tired. They have this beautiful babay boy who loves his father to death. Her husband is the sme with him they are like two old men, He is wonderful father but not a good husband. He tells her everyday that he loves her but her thought are that you have not show it not jsut say it. She is so lost and do not know what to do. She dont know id she wants divorse or not. She is just totally confused and fed up. Now the question she ask is how did you guys know when it was tha time?
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