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December 29, 2007 2:33pm CST
we just moved back to michigan in october. my step daughter jsu came to live with us christmas day. shes from florida. im happy shes here but my issue is we live with her grandmother. grandmother is so old fashion and thinks she is going to tell my step daughter what to do. its not her place to do so. my husband will be quick to tell her its not her position. this may cause problems. anyone out there have any suggestions how to keep the peace between all of us.
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@dmillman (2273)
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29 Dec 07
Well, I don't have children, but I thought of something that might be helpful. What if your husband has a big discussion with his daughter, somewhere not at home, where they can be alone without interruptions, so that he can explain it to her, so that maybe she doesn't fly off the handle when her grandmother tells her what to do. Make sure that he has some good rule to go by too. Something like, she doesn't have to listen to grammy, unless.... or, something along those guidelines. Like I said, I don't have kids and have never been in any kind of situation remotely similar to this, but it's the first thing that I thought of when I read your post!
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