Is there another DISCOVERY DEPOT in the world?

United States
December 29, 2007 3:28pm CST
We have this place called Discovery Depot, its an amazing place you pay $3.00 per person to get in (everyone has to pay). There is a dentist office with a chair and huge teeth that teaches your child about teeth. There is a post office with postal clothing, carts, mailboxes, stamps, everything to make it look like a mini post office so children can learn how the post office works. There is a cop car and an ambulance so children can see what the insides look like and pretend to drive them. There is a fire truck ladder and the children can crawl across the ceiling in teh fire truck ladder and look down on the whole building ( the ladder is caged in so to speak so the children cant fall out). There is a mini apartment that teaches about fires and how to escape. A mini farm with chickens and kids can collect eggs or drive the combine. A art room and various other learning things that kids can explore and try out.
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