can we really become rich while we gamble the night away???

United States
December 29, 2007 8:45pm CST
i was recently on a visit to las vegas and that is where i found that people come here with a hope of winning the big lottery of their lifes in the casino and end up spending more than that....i realized however experienced you are but, you always end up loosing. the lights and the air is full of anticipation and people keep on playing coz, hope is always there...the casinos are never empty and money is never short.....
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@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
4 Jan 08
it's kinda sad to see lots of people at these machines and losing money. in japan I've heard that most retirees and elderly folk spend most of their time in pachinko centres, which are just slot machine centres. rows after rows. i think their lives are just so empty that they need to get some thrill from this addiction. of course there are some people with good control over their time and budget spent in casinos, but think the majority are those who do not.
• India
30 Dec 07
It is really wishful thinking to want to be rich gambling the night away ! I try my luck when I visit a casino but till date haven't emerged winning a substantial sum. A little money earned on some slots is lost gambling on other slots so no real luck. But I am sure there professional gamblers our there who know just the right games to play and the right slots and I bet they make a lot of money. Better luck next time !!
@jormins (1224)
• United States
30 Dec 07
I think most people go to Vegas knowing they will mostly likely lose. You can gamble practically anywhere now, Vegas is just the grand stage and is a beautiful place at night. But people know those casinos weren't built in the middle of the desert for nothing. I think most people want to have fun when they go to Vegas and expect to lose some money gambling. I also think a skilled gambler can do fine in Vegas. That is why so many poker pro's live in Vegas, so many tourists to play against with good money. A lot of people are happy to lose to some of the poker greats. But if you're merely playing a game of chance the odds will always be tilted towards the house.