How bad is your family medical history?

United States
December 30, 2007 4:46am CST
I have a really bad family medical history, with records of heart related problems, diabetics, and stroke. Almost as bad as it can get. :-( Our family is really careful with our food intake now. Do you also have a bad family medical history? How bad or good is yours? Thanks in advance for sharing.
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• Philippines
30 Dec 07
my family has bad medical history too. both from my father and mother's side have history of asthma. i'm just lucky that i didn't inherit the asthma. from my father's side, they also have high blood. i'm not really sure if high blood and cholesterol are in one's blood, but i think anyone with excessive eating habits can acquire high blood, right?
• United States
4 Jan 08
Yeah, I think so. Keeping a healthy diet and exercise regime helps I guess. :-)
• India
28 Feb 09
Hello my dear fineexistence Ji, With regatrds to my mother, whom I only remeber, she never had any health problem and passed away walking hale and hearty, I do not remember much about my father, as I hardly remmebr him, as he passed away, when I might be 3-4 yrs. My both brothers (One elder and one younger) do not have any notable haelth problems even after retirements, my eldest sister, who is above 75, i sdoing all her jobs and hale and hearty. So I do not know, from where I got RA,DM2,HTN,UTI. Our all three children 37,35,33 yrs are hale and hearty except that they are marinally over-weight. It is all due to our life style.may God bless you and have a great time.