King of the Hill is very funny and more sincere than most sitcoms.

@zebra2222 (5171)
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December 30, 2007 10:24pm CST
King of the Hill is very funny and much better written than most sitcoms. I like how it goes after bureaucrats and politicians. It is topical and relevant. I enjoy all the characters in the show.
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3 May 08
I have every season available of the King of the Hill series and I have watched every episode. It is easily my favorite show and it is more sincere. The situations are very real and caring. My favorite episode is when Hank, Dale, and Bill find out that Boomhaur is going to find his wrecked Mustang that the guys dumped years before. When he does find out he tells Bobby, "Man, best let bygones be bygones. Life's to short to hold grudges."
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25 May 09
I have every season also and I love how it has real life situations involved some of the time and it is funny and interesting how the characters react to them. I hope this show lasts forever because it is a good natured and hilarious show, something that I cant say for Family Guy which is crude tasteless and tries way too hard to be funny.