is true love exists anymore?

December 30, 2007 11:10pm CST
in my opinion, true love does not mean any sense in today's world. every one is drifting towards glamour etc etc.
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• Canada
31 Dec 07
I disagree. I think love is still out there, and the people that dont beleive it are the ones that are depressed or the ones that may have been hurt before. I'm in love and i know its true. The satisfaction of being with that person and knowing they're there for you is the best feeling in the world. Just knowing you have a shoulder to lean on like a best friend is a form of love. I guess your statement would also depend on what your definition of true love is.
• China
5 Jan 08
I can't agree with you more:-) True love does exist, although not everyone is blessed to have found his or her own.
• India
8 Jan 08
Hi All, I think, yes it does exist!we should believe that it exist! because if we stop believing it will not only die out of our worldbut also from our heart!!stop trouble u!!!! Saurabh