Have a high speed connection and 100s of video clips !

December 31, 2007 2:09am CST
If you have a high speed internet connection and 100s of video clips then you can earn a minimun of 10 cents and a maximum of $1000 per clip.I have found sites that pay you for uploading clips to their sites.And also pay you if other view your videos.I have earned over $10 in a week time and many of my videos have been viewed over a 100 times.Thats great.I am not recommending it to others since I just joined and I have not requested my payment yet.So if I do get my payment then I will definitely let you all know and you can also earn some extra money by uploading video clips. FORGET IT IF YOU DONT HAVE A HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION
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@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
5 Jan 08
what kind of video clips are you adding to this site... are they your own clips or someone elses.. if they are someone elses you do not have the authority or the permission to do so... how does this site work ? you cant go and tell us about this site and then not say anything more about it just that you made $10 in a week... there are questions that we need answered
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• Pakistan
5 Jan 08
I am still trying my luck to check whether this site really pays or not.Ihave reached a little over $11.I could have posted the site link here but if that turned out to be a scam then other will curse me for wasting their time.I do not like that people hate me , I hope you got my point.If you still want to try pm me I will send you the link(i.e website address not a referral link).Thank you for showing interest in my discussion.
• Pakistan
19 Feb 08
The site is : www.clipta.com I have already made a little over $17 there by uploading 120 videos . I do not know if this one pays or not . The payout is $20 .So I will let you all know if it pays me or not :)