Talking to gals . is it illegal?

December 31, 2007 6:44am CST
Before 2 months, 1 day, when I was at shool, I was talking to some of the gals of my class during recess..... suddenly one teacher came and asked me what am I talking about and told me to leave. that teacher dont likes if any boy speaks to a girl ........ do u think this is fair ???????????
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@wanksta (23)
• India
22 Jan 08
rithu...what the hell do you think man?? this crao happens only in our school?? and how the**** it can be illegal?? hey people - most of the teachers in our school are like tht..ha y teachers?? even the principal...yopu cant call it a school..its just like a jail..soo strict cant do know what?? when school gets soo strict like this?? we'll have the tendency to do against w/e they say and make big **ckin problems.... @ rithu - if she troubles you again..tell her you've got the right to talk..and your not doing anything against the school rules...thats what i always do..and atlast end up in
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@mysbis (1)
• United States
1 Jan 08
Its not fair you sould be able to speak to who ever you want.If you didn't say anything vulgar then your teacher was wrong.
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• Canada
31 Dec 07
I think people should have the right to talk to whoever they want. It shouldnt matter what they talk about because in the end, its between those two. They have the rights and liberty to do what they want when they want as long as it is within the law. I guess if it was against the law to talk to a girl then the teacher had a reason to stop you. If that was the case then even you should have known that was the law and no complaint. I dont think it is like that anywhere however.
• India
31 Dec 07
yaaaaaa u r rite. and there is no law against that too.
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@eiencafe (155)
• Italy
2 Jan 08
it's not fair and totally wrong for my point of view but I don't live in India so I don't know the common rules over there even if I think they're totally wrong in whichever place you live. We are free to talk about whaever we want or to whoever we want and I find totally wrong and undemocratic (is it an English word?) when a county law states that.