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December 31, 2007 9:40am CST
I know probably loads of people have asked this question, but if it's interest level 1 is that good or bad or is it the higher the number the better it is. I've tried looking on mylot but cannot find any answers. I'm just curious. Happy New Year All
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• Halifax, Nova Scotia
31 Dec 07
ive checked into this also as i like watching the numbers and rating change.. the higher the number the better you are.. 1 is the lowest amount you can be with the least input i guess on the topic.. a level 20 person is doing more activity than a level 1..
• Halifax, Nova Scotia
6 Jan 08
just came back to say thanks for giving me the best response! :D
• Pakistan
2 Jan 08
Interest level is calculated based on your own ranking for that particular interest compared to everyone else who is ranked in that interest category.The more positive ratings you receive on your discussion , the higher the level will be as compared to other users in that interest category.So the higher it is , the better:).
• Philippines
2 Jan 08
Interest rankings are a way to measure how well myLot users are perceived by the community within a particular interest. You may visit for further details and clarifications about it. :-)
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