Kokology -a the study of kokoro which in Japanese means "mind" or "spirit"

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December 31, 2007 11:49am CST
The series of Kokology books were created by Isamu Saito, and I was able to read one of the books. Now, I just want to ask you one set of questions that somehow marked in me. The situation is you are a magician, and tonight will be another performance. 1) Minutes from now it will be your turn to perform. You are about to be called for performance/show, how would you feel? 2) Then, as you are about to perform your third stint, you called someone from the crowd, who would that person be? Name someone you know of to assist you. 3) Your assistant, on his/her first stint was not able to do well the things you have asked him, what would you tell the audience? 4) Now you are back to your dressing room. You just finished the show, what would be your over all feeling? --- Answer the 4 questions, and I will post your answers. Have a blessed 2008. :)
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11 Oct 08
I have tried this. This is a personality test of sort.