Extremists On Left AND Right Make the Rest of Us Look Bad!

@anniepa (27240)
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December 31, 2007 3:15pm CST
Do you agree with that statement? It's something I've believed for years - probably since I've been old enough to even think about political issues at all! I think all of us, even those of us who don't consider ourselves in the least bit political, have our "pet" issues, those we feel quite passionate about and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Often it's due to something in our own lives or something that's affected someone close to us. Unfortunately I think there are some extremists whose "passion" for their particular issue does more harm than good in making their case. Most of us have our hearts in the right place no matter which side of a particular issue we're on. Most of us truly believe we're right and that what we think is in everyone's best interests. This can be applied to almost every issue that faces us as we head into the 2008 Presidential Election. Here are a few examples: Abortion/Choice - All who are anti-abortion are certainly not in favor of clinics being bombed or doctors or others who work there being murdered; all who are pro-choice don't believe it's fine to use abortion as a form of birth control and they surely aren't for literally murdering a baby that's close to full term. Affirmative Action - All who are against this aren't "racists"; all who are for it in one way or another aren't "anti-white-male". Environmental Issues - All who have their doubts about global warming and climate change aren't totally unconcerned with the world we leave for our children; all who may be labeled "Environmentalists" aren't extremists who advocate outlawing cars and trucks! Gay Marriage - This is a very personal issue to some. Let's just say everyone who is against gay marriage for whatever reason isn't for persecution and violence against someone just because of their sexuality. Gun Control - All who are very much for protecting our Second Amendment Rights aren't for turning us back into the "Old West"; all who are for "sensible gun regulation" do NOT want to take away everyone's right to hunt, shoot for sport or protect themselves. Health Care - All who opposed "universal health care" aren't cold, uncaring people who think if someone can't afford their own insurance they should be left to die; all who are in favor of it aren't looking for a hand-out from the government nor are they out to destroy good doctors or hand our entire health care system over to the government. Illegal Immigration - As with affirmative action all who are extremely concerned about this issue aren't racists and all who have a more relaxed attitude aren't for complete amnesty and letting illegals break the law at will. The "War On Terror" - All who have some disagreement with the current Administration's policies in Iraq as well as other controversial issues such as the Patriot Act, torture techniques and wiretapping of U.S. citizens among other things are not "in bed with the terrorists" or in favor of turning our country over to Islamist extremists; those who are in favor of a more aggressive approach aren't all a bunch of anti-Arab war-mongers. The bottom line is none of these or other issues are easy things to deal with! Many of us have opposing views on one or more of these issues but I honestly believe we're all decent human beings who really believe we want and know what's best for ourselves, our loved ones, our nation and the world. Sure, there will be arguments and debates and everyone won't be satisfied with every decision. But, can't we just agree that most of us aren't on the fringe, most of us are somewhere in the middle of the road and that's where we can ultimately meet? Here's to a peaceful and Happy New Year! Annie
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@skinnychick (6907)
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3 Jan 08
This is a very good discussion. Extremism in any form on any issue is not right at all. Extremists usually can't accept anyone else's point of view because they are so blinded by their own. While we can't all agree (who would want that anyway), I don't think that people should shove their beliefs down anyone's throat and fault them for not going their way. A better way to approach it would probably be to try and see what side they are coming from, and even if their beliefs don't change, and if they are extreme they probably won't, at least they can say they have tried to see the other side and maybe have a further knowledge and understanding of their particular issue. When it turns nasty it takes away from the whole debate and the view doesn't even come across- just anger. We all know that anger never solves anything. Can't we all just get along and not agree?