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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Screenshot of gameplay. It was either this or when she was shooting the multicoloured balls of light that go all over the screen then turn white and stop like little landmines while she shoots other things at you for a while then makes the mines start moving around the screen. -_-; I love this game :D
@Arkadus (899)
December 31, 2007 3:48pm CST
Tohou games are awesome, I've had a few of them on my computer for ages and I've just never gotten around to playign them. I was always a fan of Raiden and Aero FIghters and other games like that but this takes the experience to a whole new level. Well most of them, Tohou has put out a couple non curtain fire games. They're called that because, if you've looked at the screen cap, there's more projectiles on the screen than anything else. This happens 90% of the time, sometimes they'll shoot in patterns other times they.. shoot in patterns, that then move in a set pattern or others that home in on you. You'd figure you have to spend a lot of time dodgeing, which is sort of true, you actually get points for letting bullets get really close to you, really really close, like through you. There's actually only a very small contact point on your sprite that you need to worry about, which in that screen show is basically the part where the little shrine maidens sitting. Bullets can go through every other part of it just fine. And if the fact that this boss kept teleporting around the screen a good deal of the time you couldn't see her you just looked for the largest cluster of projectiles and shot at it.:D You get 'bombs' too, 'bombs' are good, if you set off a 'bomb' when there's projectiles around they disappear and turn into points. When scoring happens at the end of a level there is a Player Penalty that I'm not sure how you avoid getting, mine was 0.2... it could have been ending with no bombs left it could have been the times I just held down the shoot button.
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@Gunbazca (44)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 10
The other thing that makes Touhou interesting is the loose canon and variety of characters. Demon vampires? Touhou had 2 in stock. Cool Maids? Youmu and Sakuya qualifies. Badass ax-crazy wizards? Touhou had several. The music is also good. ZUN's music is great; the remixes often greater.
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@347eat (113)
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12 May 10
In fact I have a lot of tohou games in my harddrive and still collecting for new release since I'm a fan of tohou. I like their mystical chain made by one of their fans and it was really cool and addictive.