my New Year poem completed

United States
December 31, 2007 10:41pm CST
I am not a poet, but finally finished this poem tonight on new years eve. I started it earlier this year... A Man-Horse: I would run wild, The beauty of the world inside. I would find a fast, lady-horse, Daring to trot heroic by her side, sending a devoted, velvety smile her way. We would find a horse-herd, and trample through dry fields, wavering meadows, Pass dead trees, noble horizons. We would drink clear mountain water among yellow and purple wildflowers… Dazzle humans with swift speed and rounded eyes. Our manes would whip the wind; our necks would twist and shake side to side, up and down. Our horse-breath would melt the morning frost, mixing sweat with dew. Our horse-muscles shimmer, appearing and disappearing under our skin with each gallop, with each plunge of a hoof. As sunlight glistens off a quiet streams under a western sky, Our horse-hearts would beat out the sound of drums, Pianos would echo in empty saloons, Women would sing in their usual, most beautiful way, strong and clear and loud and with the grace of a feather, bellowing out the music of love. Sweet, winged voices chasing us to the sea kicking up dust along the way. Faster now, Over the cemeteries, Over rusted barb-wire, Over all those salt-of-the-earth-stories of no significance, Over all the same old sad faces, Quickly over all those tattered souls who have waited so long, with one endless breath, To be banished from the embittered sun.
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