New Words that I learnt...

Simplicity is the Other name of APJ - Everyone know that our former President of India Mr.Abdul Kalam is well-known for his simplicity. As you see this picture, he is seated in the driver seat of an Auto-Rickshaw.
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December 31, 2007 10:42pm CST
In the recent days, I have started learning some new words. Below are some of them and I would like everyone some of what they knew: Double whammy - a double blow or setback Cold shoulder - a show of indifference Cold feet - an onset of uncertainity or fear Chock-a-Block - jammed Pass the buck - pass responsibility on to someone else In the red- operating at a loss Paint the town red - to celebrate boisterously From rags to riches - from extreme poverty to great wealth White collared - workers whose jobs dont's involve manual labour Fall from grace - lose good reputation
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