Do you Believe in superstitious power

@hotsatya (240)
January 1, 2008 7:55am CST
do you believe in superstitious power i lots time heared about them, people says that able to listen & see this powers you have any experience of this power .............?
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
2 Jan 08
i am not very superstitious, but my mother was,and so is a couple of my friends..they believe that if you drop a fork a woman will come see you and if you drop a spoon a man, or maybe visa versa..They believe that if you admire something they have on that they should give it to you or else it might break, like you put the evil eye on it.They also believe that when you watch a dog poop, you will get a stye on your eye..I don't believe all that stuff myself, but since my mother taught me this from a small child i always wait and see if it is going to happen ..Lol...My money thought if you hand itched you were going to get some money, and if you dress hem had a kink , you would get a new dress.I have not been able to prove any of these things so i really don't know..
@hotsatya (240)
• India
3 Jan 08
your right slickcut, thanks for response.
1 Jan 08
Most of the stories or documentaries shown on television are made up just to thrill the viewers and increase the TRP ratings. However it does not mean that supernatural phenomenon never exist. I personally do believe that such things exist. After all , if you see in a different way , even supernatural is a kind of science.