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United States
January 1, 2008 1:25pm CST
When I lived in California years ago I was very involved in a group that did wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. My children were also involved which taught them so much as well as giving us something to do together that we all enjoyed. We went through a lot of training and were given ID cards to carry allowing us to be in possession of any of the animals we had. Everyone in the group then took the animals home to take care of them there. The group was split into four different groups; birds of pray, small mammals, water fowl & large mammals. My children loved the birds of prey and took care of those mostly and I loved the small mammals. It was an awesome experience and besides helping animals that would otherwise die, be turned loose back in the wild where they belong it really was a great family bonding time. So my question to all the other wildlife lovers is if there is anything in your area that is like the one in California. If so do you belong? What are the policies state to state about taking wildlife home. I am now in Illinois and would love to get involved again, but so far have found nothing near me to join. I am not sure how to go about starting my own and would love to hear others stories of how they got started and any tips that I could use. Thanks in advance for any an all responses.
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@kimbers867 (2540)
• United States
1 Jan 08
Nancy, I just tried googling wildlife rescue and Illnois and some things did pop up. You might want to try that. I know here in Maryland, I was lucky the couple of times I found hurt birds in my backyard. I also remember my boss, we are going back about 15 years, was a part of a wildlife rescue. Worse case scenario, call the local vet. I bet they could direct you in the right direction. Happy New Year to you!
• United States
1 Jan 08
Thanks for the response. I hope others can tell me their experiences with wildlife rehab as well. I did talk to my vet and they did not know of anything close to where we are.
@yannycui (377)
• China
27 Feb 08
When I was a little kid, I lived in a small town where lots of wild animal lived. There was a pool in front of my parents house.I liked to swim in it. When spring came, lots of nameless birds flied back and built their nests in the weeds. That's my heaven. Laying down on the warm grass, looking the blue sky with warm breez touching my cheek, I wanted to shout to the mountain. Now I moved to the city that is full of high buildings and cars. I miss my birds.