Unusual and funny times when being a mixed ethnicity

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United States
January 1, 2008 6:21pm CST
I'm mixed ethnicity - Filipino, spaniard and part of irish. Living with this mix has been an odd, funny, cool experience for me. I live in southern california where most mexicans and filipinos live. Of course english and spanish is the most used here. I speak fluent tagalog and english. It's funny because when I go places - it can be just walking, shopping or any type of activity - When I go up to a filipino person and speak in tagalog - they have this face of being surprised like how did I learn their language. On the other hand, more people tend to think I'm mexican and of course I get asked in spanish and I'm like "Sorry I don't speak spanish". It's a trip at times dealing the opposites - but it has become a bigger opportunity for me to communicate with people of my own race eventhough at times there are those that have discrimination and racial issues - which is a big turn off for me. Any of you who are mixed ever dealt with this problem before?
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• Philippines
26 Jan 08
Yeah I have to say you look more spanish, mexican than being filipino. I was surprise to know that you do speak tagalog and very well. I can see that you are improving with it. well for me i'm still filipino and the only thing that people thought i was was japanese or chinese.